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Jay Dub is a singer/songwriter, music producer, and emcee from Atlanta, GA, USA, who is currently based in Beijing, China.

Since arriving in China in 2009, Jay Dub has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments and credits, including

being the music producer/arranger for both X Factor (China) and The Voice (China) TV shows, being a featured performer on

Shanghai JZ International Jazz festival since 2011, and now he is currently on world tour with Hong Kong Pop Singer Khalil

Fong as main keyboardist. He's also band leader for "J.Crew", a Hip-Hop fusion band based in Beijing, China. As the only

person with with vast skill-set and such a large reputation in China, be on the lookout for Jay Dub to make a worldwide

impact. His album, "One Step Closer", was released Aug 1, 2014, and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and all major digital

music stores.

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